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We are a Studio City-based company that combines premium and affordable plumbing services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. With its advanced tools, technology, and highly reputable 24 hour customer support, Studio City plumbing offers the best affordable solution that will suit your needs.

When was the last time you checked over your pipe maintenance checklist? By running though a maintenance checklist on an annual basis; you may avoid future sewage problems. We will educate you on how to check for signs such as: leaks, corrosion, correct water pressure, and in addition but not limited to simply removing your shower-head to look for any sediment that may have collected. It may cause lower water pressure.

The most common sewage problem for homeowners is clogged drains. Most clogged drains problems are caused by grease and hair. In order to prevent clogged drains, you must periodically use certain products to reduce build up. Some of these products may be harmful to you if not treated by a professional. With our fully trained services available 24 hours for emergency service, we can assist you.

We offer an ever-expanding variety of repair and maintenance services to both homeowners and business. Our goal is to be the premier provider of sewage and maintenance services. We are here to listen, educate and expand our services to our clients in order to exceed all expectations.